If you need help from OET

(for example if you are having problems logging in) telephone support is available all day, Monday to Sunday:

  • AUS +61 3 8658 3963
  • UK +44 1202 037333
  • USA +1 855 585 0125

The postal address is : The OET Centre, PO Box 16136, Collins St West VIC 8007, Australia

We are an authorised OET test venue though applications for the OET test must still be made via the official OET website. You will be able to choose the test venue most convenient to your location when you register. This may be us (Worcester Medical, Worcester UK) or it may be where you live if you are going to take it when you leave us.

The test is available on the dates shown in the table at most centres on the same day, but please check your local centre dates to be sure. Click the link below to check the latest booking dates - be careful you need to book around 3-4 weeks before the test date!

Application Process

Read the Terms & Conditions and OET Test Regulations on the OET website before you start. You will need a credit card (or other means of electronic payment), an identification document (normally your passport) and a digital passport photo (this means a photo that conforms to the requirements of applying for a passport). The test currently costs AU$587 (about GB£350).

From the application web page choose your country and follow the steps through. Your application will be acknowledged by the OET office and you will be sent venue details by them, with instructions for what to do on the day.

Study and take the exam in one hit!

Many nurses working in the UK as HCAs are currently working and studying for the Occupational English Test exam at the same time. This is great if you have a goal to get through the test and get your PIN and your promotion to nurse over 1-2 years. However, it may be worth having time out from work and taking an intensive OET preparation course followed immediately by the OET test, all in one go.

Although passing the OET test at the first attempt can never be guaranteed, devoting all of your attention to a full-time intensive OET preparation course, and taking the OET test at the same time at the same place gives you a good chance. Over the course of a few weeks you will get to know everything and everyone, so come the big day of the OET test you will be walking into friendly, familiar surroundings, and you will even have done a few practice tests in the same exam room as the real one.

But isn't an intensive OET preparation course an expensive option?

A good question, especially as you won't be earning whilst you are studying. If you think about the long term economics, consider this :

If you follow the 'traditional' route of working as an HCA for say the next 2 years you will earn an HCA's salary for 2 years and then hopefully pass your OET test, get promoted and start earning a nurse's salary. You will still have training costs for your studies, for example taking online courses in the evenings and at weekends (when you are tired!).

If you take an intensive OET preparation course with us, followed immediately by the OET test, you will miss out on a few weeks' HCA salary but you could be earning a nurse's salary a year or more earlier than the above route. You will have higher training costs in the short term, but you will be rid of the whole thing sooner leaving you to focus on the job you should be doing - a nurse. In addition, on the intensive OET preparation course you will be studying during the day after a good night's sleep in your homestay and you will feel fresh and 'ready to go'!

If you'd like to talk over your options give us a call

If you would like to speak to someone about the options we are happy to help. We won't try to persuade you either way but will give you honest, unbiased advice. It's not for everyone, but it might be the best thing for you. Call during office hours on +44 1905 619877, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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