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Rick & Sue Johns of Kingsway English CentreWorcester Medical is an English language training company that focuses on English for the medical professions.

Worcester Medical is run by Sue and Rick Johns who started English training in 1988 and have earned a world wide reputation for providing the highest quality English language and cultural skills training to professionals.

Worcester Medical has inherited all the very best of quality and experience gained over the last 30 years and has been involved in the setting up and delivery of IELTS and OET courses both in our own training centre and  in hospitals around the UK since 2015. You can be assured of our very best attention and devotion to providing you and your colleagues with a first class service. We would love to hear from you!

Sue & Rick Johns

“The lessons were always based on personal needs and never boring. I felt challenged” CH, Germany

100% quality at Kingsway English CentreWe are accredited by The British Council for the teaching of English at our training centre in the UK. This accreditation gives you a guarantee of certain minimum standards and a clear course of action should you need to complain. We cherish our accreditation, and we continually try to improve our service quality.

“The most important for me was that I really improved my speaking & listening skills. Now it’s much easier for me to understand native speakers.” DK, Latvia

100% quality at Kingsway English CentreWe are also a member of our national association, English UK, which represents the very best British Council accredited English language training institutions in the UK. One of the major functions of English UK is to maintain professional standards and teacher training - an aspect which we firmly support. All of our teachers follow their own professional development programmes in-school.

“The management is perfect, the lessons are very creative” PK, Switzerland

IALC logoWe are accredited by IALC - the International Association of Language Centres. IALC is for owner-operated and locally managed language centres of excellence. Every IALC centre is regularly inspected and committed to continuous improvement in all areas: teaching, management, administration, accommodation, facilities, cultural activities and customer service. IALC language schools are quality assured and boutique. As well as outstanding teaching standards and service, they have individual character and a real connection with their local community.

“Quality of the teaching [is the most important aspect]! Now I know what a good teacher is. You are the best! Your teachers are an example for others.” OC, Russia

Like to work for us?

Work for us : We are looking for experienced IELTS and OET teachers to work around the UK. If you want to join one of the top English training organisations we would like to hear from you. Visit for more information.

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Worcester Medical is a trading name of Worcester Education Limited